First Listen: Margari’s Kid – ‘Init 1’ (Cosmic Bridge)

Hear a cut from the Spanish producer’s debut for Cosmic Bridge.

Om Unit‘s Cosmic Bridge label welcomes more rising talent to its roster this month with the debut EP from Spanish producer José María Moya Sánchez, aka Margari’s Kid.

Having come up with online crew, withered collective, Cadiz-based Sánchez explores 170bpm territories on Init 1, out May 26. Drawing influence from “British dance culture”, Sánchez crafts four instrumentals that recall the work of Burial and Kid Drama, with each track designed to represent different stages of his life. It’s an impressive EP that finds Sánchez building a sound all his own, with label boss Om Unit saying, “This EP is to me a current and progressive take on 170bpm, almost beyond the genre in its construction.”

With Init 1 out this Friday, you can stream the EP’s title track below – a spaced-out number that hints at the work to come from this ascending producer. We also caught up with Sánchez over email to discuss the musical scene in Spain and how the connection with Om Unit was first made.

Congrats on the release, your “debut”, right? The EP is a mature take on 170 bpm D&B, a predominantly UK underground sound but you are based in Spain; so is this the sound of someone outside looking in? Or is there more to it than that? 

Thank you so much, and yeah, my physical debut and kinda digital, too. Clearly, in many ways, I have always been on the outside looking in. The internet and computer technology opened doors for me and I simply exploited the opportunities they gave me. I imagine my music would be boring if I just focused on my own country’s culture. I discovered UK dance culture like ten years ago and I fell in love.

What’s the scene like in Spain? How has your music and growth as an artist been influenced and affected working from there?

To be honest, the Spanish scene is poor, it’s a long way behind. We are now starting to see the music everyone else liked ten years ago become popular. And all this only happens in cities like Barcelona or Madrid, if you lives in southern Spain like I do, you are fucked. It was a bit hard for me to work in such isolation as an artist but luckily the internet exists and I keep connected in a little scene of Spanish underground artists, a virtual drum and bass experimental scene we created through the internet. It would be impossible to be where I am right now as a musician without the existence of these people, this community.

There’s a space and soul in the EP that with the half-time rhythms circa 85 bpm it brings to mind the DBridge and Instra:mental’s Autonomic style of Drum & Bass. D&B continues to be a more and more exciting and experimental place again. What makes it work for you as a producer?

Definitely. The 170 bpm, it’s a perfect area to people like me that love the frenetic velocity but at the same time the deep. That’s why drum and bass is one of the kings of electronic music and one of the most experimental ones, you just can take a break and make thousands of differents rhythms. The opportunities to merge drum and bass with other vibes and genres are infinite too, and this is what makes me stay in this genre. I think there’s still so much to explore.

How did the connect with Om Unit happen?

I used to spam Om Unit with my new tracks haha. One day I remember how he liked one of my tracks on Soundcloud and I was like, “oh man, best day of my life”. So I gathered forces and I dared to ask him for a demo mail. He gave me a contact and I just sent him demos. The next step was easy, never met a man who was so nice to deal with. Jim has treated me amazingly.

What’s next for Margari’s Kid?

More music for sure. I guess I will be developing and growing and always aiming to push and get a bit more experimental. To do more things with Cosmic Bridge, maybe move to another city and find more ways to grow as an artist. This is only the beginning for me.

Init 1 is out May 26 on Cosmic Bridge. Pre-order it here.

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