First Listen: MarcelDune – ‘It’s Okay To Have No Fun’ (REPITCH Recordings)

This dizzying number from Athenian producer MarcelDune reminds us ‘It’s Okay To Have No Fun’ 

Since debuting on the Thessaloniki label, Numb Capsule, back in 2017 MarcelDune has seemed unwavering in her progression. Having somewhat of a moment this year with her ‘Trnc’ EP, put out via DJ Plead’s SUMAC records, her style sees strength in numbers, threading together an array of genres and themes in her productions yet still in-keeping with her own personal vibe. Continuing this momentum, she now joins artists such as VTSS and Gabber Eleganza on Berlin-based label REPITCH Recordings with her ‘Preternatural’ EP.

A collection of unbending hard dance drivers, the raw essence of MarcelDune’s production methods come through in differing forms track by track. Heavy with field recordings and modular synth work, the package is playful and sassy, brimming with defiant vocal samples and rhythmic U-turns. ‘It’s Okay To Have No Fun’ is an out-and-out trance banger, pairing ravey synths and angelic high ranges with a rumbling low-end and snappy snares. Across ‘Preternatural’ EP, MarcelDune’s understanding of the dancefloor is unquestionable. What makes this release all the more special is her ability to tightly wrap emotive narrative within largely machine-generated sound.

Hyponik · First Listen: MarcelDune – ‘It’s Ok To Have No Fun’ (Repitch Recordings)

MarcelDune’s ‘Preternatural’ EP is out 23rd October via REPITCH Recordings. 

Grab it here. 

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