First Listen: Marcel Lune – ‘Hal 9000’ EP (Audio Doughnuts)

Have a spin of the new EP from up and coming Bristol producer Marcel Lune before it lands on Audio Doughnuts next Monday.

Referencing the villain of Stanley Kubrick’s interstellar masterpiece ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ with its title, the EP finds Marcel dabbling in suitably galactic textures. The lead and title track layers lush pads and breathhy, ecstatic vocal cut ups over a funk infused bass pattern for a House track rooted in melodic sensibilities.

‘Alpha’ begins as an exercise in weighty half-step-although the pads found previously lighten the impact, before the rhythm track becomes more languid and radiant chords come in to take this one straight to the middle of the floor. ‘Moon Beam’ meanwhile, drops below 120bpm but retains its momentum with a range of treated synthesizers interacting mischievously over its lithe groove.

Rounding things off is ‘Its Like Boom’ rolls with cymbal crashes and a spritely lead line that shapeshifts throughout. Landing somewhere between Electronica, jazzy Hip-Hop and Deep House-with what sounds not unlike a vocoder part making a brief but welcome appearance as Marcel piles on the layers. A fitting end to a smooth and danceable EP.

The ‘Hal 9000’ EP is out Monday 14th April on Audio Doughnuts. Pre-order it here

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