First Listen: Manonmars – ‘Billin’ (Young Echo)

– I don’t even care, other UK MCs can just fuck off. Trust me, he’s just coming [with] his whole swagger, his whole style. He’s the only person I’ve heard, and I’m not just saying this coz I work with him or coz I’m in the same group as him, who actually just does it like it’s legit, it’s righteous, it’s real. The affectation of rap or whatever, he acknowledges that and laughs at it within his work; the idea of somebody coming from the UK and aping the styles from another country […] I don’t want to cuss out UK hip-hop and UK rap too much but all those guys are just so far off the fucking mark it’s ridiculous – (chester giles of Young Echo and a big fan of Jack (Manonmars))

Much like Bristol is to London, and as his name suggests, Manonmars sits on the periphery. Yet as he bust his chops on Young Echo’s sophomore album with the likes of Red Dot Green Light and Sedated, we were reminded once again of the unsung talent that the Bristol based group harbours, and that new talent is rarely born from the mainstream.

In our premiered track ‘Billin’, he traipses the boardwalk begrudging the poetic justice of offering something unique to the vanilla rap that parades the spotlit boulevard and somehow still plunders credit.

Syllables trawl through clenched jowls, lines treacle down the stanzas and meander besides the bittersweet crunch paved by O$VMV$M. Juxtaposition and double entendres he equips over the cliche-d similes that congest much of Hip-Hop. No single word of his is left wanting and in doing so ManonMars has a flow of precision and flavour about him that exhumes a singularity akin to hearing Earl Sweatshirt or MF Doom for the first time.

Physical copies are available for purchase over at Rewind-Forward now.

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