First Listen: Manni Dee – Pareidolia EP

Hear the premiere of Manni Dee’s uncompromising debut on Black Sun Records.

Brighton’s Manni Dee has been no stranger to the Hyponik pages over the past 12 months. Having notched up releases on Hit & Hope and Seclusiasis in the latter stages of 2012, he stepped up to the plate for Hyp Mix 097 and contributed the tough, 808 weight of ‘Night Vision’ to our Christmas Compilation. He is a producer with little regard for pigeonholes, as at home creating deep house and techno hybrids as he is cooking up juke-leaning bangers.

2013 is shaping up to be an even more productive year, kicking off with the just-released ‘Future Foundations – Vol.1’, a various artists compilation put together by South London tastemakers 2nd Drop Records. Manni finds himself in notable company on the release, collaborating with fellow Brighton native Deft on the footwork drum assault of ‘This One, The Art of the Possible’, alongside tracks by LV, Alex Coulton, Youandewan, Last Magpie, DjRum, South London Ordnance and Pedestrian.

Next on the agenda is a 3-track solo EP ready to drop on the esteemed roster of Black Sun Records, intruigingly titled the ‘Pareidolia’ EP, a word which (hold tight, fact fans) means “a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus being perceived as significant”. Whilst the release is certainly not vague, its sensory significance is undeniable, delivering three cuts of the typically unpredictable electronics we’ve come to expect from Mr Dee.

The EP’s opener ‘Romantic Self’ is some seriously tough love – raw and mechanical from the outset, the track lurches along a warpath of broken drums, robotic gurgles and stone-cold atmospherics. ‘Rebuild Disintegrate’ is equally militant – a driving, heads-down slab of 4/4 techno with enough rattling percussion and 303 action to finish any dancefloor. Pure warehouse material. The release closes with the slightly more sedate ‘First & The Seventh’, an off-kilter electro workout that demonstrates yet another element in this producer’s enviable bag of tricks.

Stream the tracks below.

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