First Listen: LTO – ‘Trabajar (Throwing Snow Remix)’ (Injazero)

The Houndstooth artist turns in a brilliant remix for LTO.

LTO – the electronic producer based in Bristol, first garnered attention and praise in 2011 as part of the Old Apparatus collective with their abstract experimental bass-driven music, submerged in swirls and fragments of otherworldly static and interference. ‘Trabajar’ originally features on recent EP ‘No Pasa Nada’, the first release on Injazero Records – a Brighton-based imprint brought to you by DJ/producer Villette. The name and track titles – common Spanish verbs – are informed by LTO’s backpacking travels through South America, as much a field recording excursion as a cultural tour. The four track EP harbours disorderly layers of wooden planks and serrated metal that collide in a fog of static noise and groaning bass. The release fulfils much of what we’ve come to expect from Bristolian producers, continuing the narrative of forward-think Bass music that has characterised the city’s contemporary musical legacy.

London-based Ross Tones, aka Throwing Snow, whose collaborative project Snow Ghosts released ‘A Wrecking’ back in February, continues to create numbers that manage to blend soothing warmth with a more ruthless edge. He demonstrates his versatility with his take on ‘Trabajar’, which is available to stream exclusively below.

Where the original skitters steadily with slicing, white-hot percussion and deep bass tones, the remix offers up a more dance floor friendly twist on the track. Throwing Snow’s knack for producing bounding swing rhythms shines as sleek tom rolls and snare fills add an abundance of groove. Obscure pads lurch across the stereo field, colliding and dissipating before forming again, demonstrating the refined approach to texture we’ve heard on releases like last year’s ‘Mosaic’.

LTO ‘No Pasa Nada’ EP is available to buy here. It includeds a limited poster + download code for £20. A separate Digital EP is also available.

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