First Listen: Laenz & T5UMUT5UMU – ‘Death Blossom’ (Eastern Margins)

Laenz and T5UMUT5UMU unwrap heavy-textures on the beautifully haunting, Death Blossom. 

Starting out as a space for the East and South East Asian community to come together in London, Eastern Margins has morphed from a party,  into a wider collective, label and platform for its diaspora. Their work has been integral to creating space space for East and South Asian people not only to dance and share music, but also to talk about East and South East Asian cultures. Their name ‘Eastern Margins’ referencing the way in which their communities are one of many who are often marginalized or in their own words ‘existing in the fringes; in the margins’.

Already with a strong pair of EP’s out in the world, the next on their label strand sees a transatlantic collab with NYC-based, Laenz and Tokyo’s T5UMUT5UMU. Together, they bring ‘Unsleep’ EP. An artistic musical response to the world we live in, across five tracks Laenz and T5UMUT5UMU bring fourth their personal experiences amid crunching and crystalline club textures, laced with Laenz’ falsetto experimentation.

Driven by syncopated, multi-layered percussion, ‘Death Blossom’ forms a beautifully haunting prance around the 8-bit dungeon. The celestial vocals of Laenz adding a blissful chill to an all-encompassing, body-pulsing arrangement.

Hyponik · First Listen: Laenz & T5UMUT5UMU – ‘Death Blossom’ (Eastern Margins)

Laenz & T5UMUT5UMU ‘Unsleep’ EP is out 6th November via Eastern Margins.  

Grab it here. 

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