First Listen: L.SAE – ‘Line Sunk Like I’m Sunk’ (Timedance)

Bristol-based imprint Timedance was established back in February, kicking things off with label boss Batu’s noise-laden ‘Cardinal’ 12″. Batu has previously released on the likes of Hotline Recordings and Dnuos Ytivil, and his new imprint has so far explored the more brooding and off-kilter spectrum of UK Techno. The label’s next release comes in the form of a debut 12″ from L.SAE, entitled ‘The West End As It Will Be’, out August 28.

L.SAE is the new project from Joe Higgins aka Metrist, who has records on Resin and contributed to the Hyp mix series in 2013. His first release under the alias is a bold offering of two strident Techno cuts that bind facets of early Drum & Bass, Noise-Techno and 90s IDM, all into Higgins’ own mould. Have a listen to B-side ‘Line Sunk Like I’m Sunk’, a feverish assortment of rattling scrap yard percussion and brutal, burned-out kicks. Higgins offers a more subdued approach to melody, as snippets of garbled synths see-saw across the stereo field, almost screaming to break out from underneath layers of distorted drums. It’s another impressive offering from the burgeoning Timedance imprint – get in to the mayhem below…

‘The West End As It Will Be’ is out August 28 on Timedance.

Record artwork: Studio Tape Echo

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