First Listen: Klein Zage – ‘Womanhood’ (Orphan Records)

Klein Zage, or Sage Redman, was one of three friends that co-founded Orphan. Today, the collective has evolved into a multi-faceted group that occupy a range of mediums, but, in 2015, they originally threw parties in Deptford. These gave a voice to unheard artists that were pushed to the side. The diaspora of Orphan began in 2017 with one moving to Berlin, while Zage and another relocated to Seattle, where they started a pirate radio show under the same name. The most recent extension of Orphan is a record label that has three releases under its belt, the latest, Womanhood, has been produced by Klein Zage.

The six track EP is a sultry blend of deep house and UKG with each song featuring loaded vocals. DJ Python and Local Artist offer remixed tunes that add genre depth in the form of bassline and dub. Womanhood has something to offer for most listeners.

Have a listen to the titular track below.

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