First Listen: Kinlaw – ‘Mardnat’ (No Corner)

Engulfing bass and ostentatious drum patterns bind this provoking piece.

The latest release from Kinlaw carries an alluring audacity. Founder of Bristol label Ceramics, Kinlaw, aligns with the city’s prevalence for bass weight and pairs it with the expressive experimental nature of his label.

Tinges of Lotic’s abrasiveness, Lee Gamble’s syncopated flurries and the tripping lollop found in Gantz fleck the EP. Our featured premiere from the record is titled ‘Mardnat’.

What begins with flutterings of hats skimming the surface of a simmering bass soon descends into a collapsing cascade of raucous, glinting metal on metal. It’s effect induces that confident swag found in only the finest dubstep.

First copies of the EP ship via Rewind Forward this week and all other good stores next week.

Order here.

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