First Listen: Kindimmer – ‘Poignant’ (Dawn State)

Kindimmer enters higher states with a shimmering minimalistic number. 

When you look for any information on Kindimmer, you quickly realise there’s very little. Until you land on his Soundcloud profile. Based in Bristol, his bio says a lot about what you might find inside his music: “I make repetitive sound patterns that might cause involuntary leg, waist or head movement when re-produced via wooden boxes with electromagnetic coils that are attached to round membranes. They can also go completely unnoticed.”.

Understated for sure, Kindimmer is clearly very technical in his approach. His tracks are so intricately woven together. Extending far beyond just electronic components, the music within his ‘Planned Obsolescence’ EP has a neat way of digging inside you. Drawing out emotions you didn’t see lingering. Where his previous release via Pokerflat felt housey, this new work via Bristol label Dawn State appears to present a new turn in the producers investigation.

Somehow quite minimal in elements, ‘Poignant’ caresses the brain with bubbling, muted percussion and gleaming, yogic melody. Expertly crafted, this new one from Kindimmer is suggestive of the unique charm we see in the likes of Four Tet. A hefty claim, we know, but at a time when finding higher states seems impossible, it’s truly refreshing how this track provides a much needed injection of clarity and head space.

Hyponik · First Listen: Kindimmer – ‘Poignant’ (Dawn State)
Kindimmer ‘Planned Obsolescence’ EP is out 27th November via Dawn State; in digital and vinyl formats. 
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