First Listen: Kailin – ‘Gimp’ (Mistry)

The first LP from Beneath’s Mistry label is an imposing piece of work.

Following seven EPs, Ben ‘Beneath‘ Walker is readying his Mistry label’s inaugural full-length, Fracture, an eight-tracker from enigmatic newcomer Kailin.

Marking a darker shift for the label, Fracture still sits comfortably within its wider narrative, as Walker describes the magic of it being “uplifting whilst also being dread filled.” Bass-heavy with shades of ambience, Fracture contorts the sounds of UK club music into exciting new forms.

You can stream LP track ‘Gimp’ below, an off-kilter number that combines wonky percussion and ominous bass tones, with unexpected twists and turns at every corner. Speaking on the track, and the LP as a whole, Kailin says:

“I wrote Fracture to express how it sometimes feels like the world is splintering into noise. Our real selves seem to get lost when we spend so much time in the virtual world. It feels like a kind of masochism when we subject ourselves to a constant stream of other people’s lives. I had this idea in mind when I wrote ‘Gimp’. I wanted to convey the idea of a loss of self, of the pressure of being surrounded by millions of hyperactive and overly reactive opinions.”

Fracture is out March 10 on Mistry. You can pre-order it here.

Album artwork: Sarah Hammond

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