First Listen: John Swing: ‘African Dub’ (Phoenix G)

Mr. G presents the murky rhythmic experiments of longtime companion, John Swing.

Made up of four tracks, Swing’s Jazz Perceptions EP comes in rhythm heavy, flipping rugged samples to their bounciest moments and paying close attention to the murkier end of the mix.

Having been releasing dusty house-orientated grooves since 2009, the Berlin-based producer last appeared on his own label LiveJam Records in 2018.

Speaking on his new project, Mr. G states he “first met Francesco with his bro at Berghain and kinda went on to mentor him. We recently did Farr, XOYO, Giant Steps and I began to realise he was ready for the spotlight… but still missed that link with the music till now, and I’m super happy and proud of his new EP. Presenting my friend Francesco aka John Swing!”.

Tuck into EP opener, ‘African’ Dub’ below.

Jazz Perceptions EP is out May 17 on Phoenix G.

Order it here.

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