First Listen: Jigga – ‘Nitya’ (Bedouin Records)

The self-proclaimed ‘vinyl only imprint based in the dessert’ Bedouin Records is run by Salem Rashid and operates out of the United Arab Emirates.

Distributed by Honest Jons, the label was established in 2014 and has released music from a diverse list of electronic experimentalists that includes Hieroglyphic Being, Eomac, Dez Williams, Pan Daijing and J. Tijn.

Connecting sounds across the globe with an undeniable allure of mystique, Bedouin’s latest effort comes via Japanese multi-instrumentalist ‘Jigga’ (自我 meaning Ego/Myself in Japanese). A futuristic mini-album made up of 7 unconventionally abstract club tracks , Jigga‘s main idea behind lillllill was to incorporate traditional Asian music with experimental influences to symbolise the contemporary harmony between Ancient Japan and today’s stress full environment.

Packing ferocious drums, warped echoes and static noise, we premiere ‘Nitya’, which blends these components to frightening effect.

lillllill is out June 25 on Bedouin Records. 

Preorder it here.

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