First Listen: Interplanetary Criminal – Confused VIP (Dansu Discs)

Manchester’s Dansu Discs are a label always looking to evolve and expand. The woozy dream house on  Paradise Rhythm’s Carribean Dreams is a stark contrast to pulsating hardcore of Denham Audio’s contribution to their most recent charity V/A Dansu for Mental Health. With their sound evolving over just two years, there’s a lot to admire in Dansu Discs and their knack for finding and latching onto the underground’s hottest trends.

Its with the label’s latest offering that we see them foray into the world of UKG on Interplanetary Criminal‘s forthcoming EP Confused. Now in the height of its revival, UK garage is adorned by ravers and selectors alike and, for many, it encapsulates some of British culture’s most important characteristics.

Confused is drenged in Ayia Napa sunshine. Choppy vocals, crisp claps and warm sub bass makes the EP feel authentic, and true to its predecessors, but this isn’t to say it doesn’t sound current. The dark side VIP of the title track is where Confused harnesses its edge. It’s a moodier affair, completely warping the vocal from a soulful chime, to a distorted whine. With the drop comes a grime-esque melody and an unnerving bassline which, if dropped at the right time, will do some serious damage in the dance.

Make your way into the VIP area below.

The Confused EP is out 1st August 2019

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