First Listen: General Ludd – ‘Garimpos’ (Ten Thousand Yen)

Stream a feverish new track off the Glasgow-based duo’s upcoming EP on Ten Thousand Yen.

General Ludd, the outfit consisting of New Jersey native Rich McMaster and Canterbury’s Tom Marshallsay, met whilst both studying at Art school in Glasgow. Initially they collaborated on interactive sound installations before a few late night studio sessions formed some promising material they would eventually use under the General Ludd name. Their debut, 2014’s ‘The Fit Of Passion’ EP was released on Brooklyn’s favourite party and record label – Mister Saturday Night, before ‘Hit It / Kick Out’ appeared a few months later on Clan Destine Records. They kept up their consistent output by contributing the brilliant ‘Burning Mack’ to the third instalment of charity fundraising series Autonomous Africa.

The guys are back again, this time with an EP for Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen imprint entitled ‘Rare Earth Metal’. Described by the label as ‘weird, trippy rhythms, space echoes and chaos held together with hard percussive sound’, it’s a shade darker than the more day-party House offerings of their Mister Saturday Night release. Still ideal dance floor music, yet more crude and frenzied.

Ahead of the release on June 29 we’ve got an exclusive stream of one its tracks – the mesmerising ‘Garimpos’. What starts with a hypnotic drum loop that creates a sense of unease, expands into a barrage of choppy claps, whirring synths and clattering percussion, before dropping into quasi-tribal drums and rhythmic bursts of static noise – emerging as a party soundtrack that would best suit an inner city thunderstorm. The claustrophobic atmosphere reeks of clammy, humid weather and menacing late night hedonism. Press play below…

‘Rare Earth Metal’ is out June 29 on Ten Thousand Yen. Pre-order it here.

Featured Image: Tine Bek

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