First Listen: Galtier – ‘Jewel’ (Nostro Hood System)

From the drum and bass of his Australian adolescence, to the global club music that he’s producing today the now Bristol-based, Galtier has always possessed an ear for rhythm, and a passion for science fiction and the stratosphere.

This calculated practice is tested on new EP Luuos’ Output on his own Nostro Hood System (NHS). Unlike 2018’s texture-centric Terran EP, this year’s offering focuses its energy on the club, serving up four joints of murky percussive workouts from outer space. Taking its name from a hypothetical “gaseous-based sphere renowned for its capacity to infiltrate biological life”, Luuos’ Output sees Galtier acting as captain of vessel ‘Phainesthai’ bringing back the dance floor ready goods for the people of earth.

The Bristolian influence is strong with this one, and we’ve got an exclusive look in at the aggravated ‘Jewel’. Expect baile funk rhythms, ritualised drum work and siren-led shrieks from a producer readying the ship for his next voyage into the cosmos.

Luuos’ Output is out via Nostro Hood System 28th June 2019.

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