MC Fox

First Listen: Fox – ‘Big Man Ting’ (Swing Ting)

Fox, who’ll you no doubt be hearing a lot more about very soon, is a Manchester MC – or, more specifically, a singjay. That’s a wonderful word and I’m going to make a point of using it more often. Singjay. What makes it a perfect fit is his swinging cadence, which is just so musical.

Anyway. Fox has spent most of his life between Manchester and Kingston, and Musik – his long-awaited debut EP for Swing Ting – draws heavily from both. It’s decidedly a family affair, with production courtesy of Florentino, Murlo, Brackles, Puppy Disco, Samrai & Platt.

Oh, and Famous Eno of course, who’s responsible for ‘Big Man Ting’ which is the track we’re premiering today. It’s already been getting serious play from the likes of Toddla T, Chimpo and Madam X.

The two artists have plenty of previous form – Famous Eno remixed ‘Skank’, one of Fox’s tunes with Brackles, and also featured Fox on his own tune ‘Gangsters’. Elsewhere, Famous Eno has released on labels including Coyote Records and Mixpak, and collaborated with Murlo on ‘Ariel’ and their phenomenal remix of Akito’s ‘Metamessage’.

‘Big Man Ting’ is an echoing, stripped-down riddim over which Fox nonchalantly unspools his distinctive flow. Just eight releases in, it seems Swing Ting can do no wrong. Listen below.

Featured image: Louis Reynolds

Musik is out 17th June on Swing Ting.

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