First Listen: Flaminia – ‘The Illusion Of Matter’ (Ancestral Voices remix)

Experimental artist Flaminia’s style is characterised by melancholic melodies, harsh distortion and shadowy explorations, creating sound that moves between ghostly ambience and industrial techno.

Moving from Rome to London in 2013, Flaminia launched Metempsychosis Records with fellow producer End Train last year as a way of releasing her music, whilst also transforming her music to that of a live setting. Her second EP is said to be inspired “by the Sanskrit story of Agni and the God of Fire, originally narrated in ancient India. Dark percussive sounds walk the listener through the Fire’s curse to be the devourer of everything in this world, destroyer of everything it touches.”

With Headless Horseman and Ancestral Voices on remix duties, it’s the UK producer’s effort we focus on today. Known to many under his previous alias of Indigo and as one half of Akkord, Liam Blackburn’s Ancestral Voices moniker represents a new freedom for the artist, with his evolved sound finding regular home on Germany’s experimental Samurai Horo imprint.

His rework of ‘The Illusion Of Matter’ takes Flaminia’s haunting textures further down into the abyss, with menacing drones and foul drum play carving up the pieces until nothing is left, lethal!

Out June 15 via Metempsychosis. 

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