First Listen: Exit99 – ‘Steroids’ (Epoch Remix)

The Kiwi bossman adds some extra flavour to the latest ONEPUF record.

Having recently released their Ravers EP on Nottingham-based imprint Tumble Audio, Aussie duo Exit99 craft a two-tracker that’ll have you unholstering those gun fingers and losing it in the rave. Still reveling in that Midlands’ bass, Melbourne boys Arctic and Alaska pair up again, producing ‘Foams’ and ‘Steroids’ that pay homage to the UK scene. Opening track ‘Foams’ pulsates and wobbles, combining a whistling synth with undulating bass weight. ‘Steroids’ is a suitably beefy track, sampling a ‘roid-raging raver boasting about bullying “bare boys.” Sinister strings sound over the top of a gruesome bassline, with the odd horn chiming in to good effect.

Epoch‘s remix of the second track is the standout number on this release. Having recorded a set full of top-drawer UK dubstep for our mix series, it comes as no surprise that the producer hailing from New Zealand ups the levels on this one. Cleverly placed vocal samples narrate the dubstep-infused track. Beckoning you on to “draw for the shank”, such a message is also displayed in the sinister percussion, as chunky kick drums and punchy snares form a tough rhythm. Flipping the strings on their head give this remix a new lease of life, as does the trembling and bassy breakdown. Check out Epoch’s take on ‘Steroids’ below.

Set for release on 10th October, you can get all the info from the ONEPUF Soundcloud here.

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