First Listen: Etch – ‘The Serpent And The Rainbow’ (Soundman Chronicles)

Etch delivers sultry breaks on Soundman Chronicles’ first release of 2015. 

Hooking up with us back on Hyp 146, it was clear that Brighton’s Etch was carving out his own niche. Affiliated to Keysound, his work could be vaguely grouped into the coterie of future facing Bass music producers in and around the label, although it was clear he had one distinguishing weapon in his arsenal. His ability to flip and work a break – evidenced in releases for Parris’ Soundman Chronicles and his ‘Old School Methods’ EP for Keysound, set him apart from a group mainly working with Dubstep and Grime influenced sound pallettes – and here with his first release of the year, it continues to do so.

Back on Soundman Chronices with ‘The Serpent And The Rainbow’, Etch again taps into a Jungle ambience – but does it with such tact and taste, that renders it unexpectedly fresh. The title track swishes with a wash of low end and panning breaks amidst a clipped vocal sample that recalls Diane Charlemagne’s liasons with Goldie, to effect a late night mellowness that is never quite let loose. ‘Waterfalls’ has a handle on the same vibe, but is rhythmically more propulsive – sitting as a nice atmospheric roller. Rounding things off with the aptly titled, ‘The Scientists Breakology’, Etch finally lets his amens out to play – landing on a tone that serves as a futuristic update of early Ram Records’ moody aesthetic, with a cheeky Kurtis Blow vocal rip thrown in for good measure. Stream the whole EP below.

‘The Serpent And The Rainbow’ is out next Monday 23rd February via Soundman Chronicles. Pre-order it here.

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