First Listen: Escape Two – ‘Sunday Street’ (Parasol Culture)

Anna Wall and Alec Falconer link up as Escape Two to bring a breezy Sunday shuffler. 

In London’s Hackney Wick there’s a certain something happening. Arguably centered around a pocket of tirelessly diligent producers, this group are driving a refresh in vintage sounds, dipping into house, electro and undeniably squiggly grooves. Centered around purely analogue methods, the mastering studio of Thoma Bulwer is credited as a particular hub for this clan inclusive of well-known artists in their own right such as Voigtmann, Subb-an, Adam Curtain, bobby. and N-Gynn…

Bulwer’s studio has long formed a base for these producers to work on their own stuff and cross-pollinate with collaborative projects. Their own respective labels also see the skillful treatment of Bulwer with analogue mixdowns and mastering. The label Parasol Culture, ran by Bulwer, has gone a long way to provide a comfortable home for the productions of himself and his friends. Repping the sound of Hackney Wick, the label unveils a new compilation series entitled ‘Wick Voyagers’ providing a cross-section of the talent that thrives in this North London borough.

Together as Escape Two, ones to watch Anna Wall and Alec Falconer add a characteristically cool house number to the 14-strong comp. A punchy kick and crisp hats amass with squiggly elements and feathery bleepy bloops, making way for a quirky acid groove in the midsection. Aptly named ‘Sunday Street’, Escape Two have penned the perfect Sunday roll-through shuffler poised to see out a hefty weekend schedule.

Hyponik · First Listen: Escape Two – ‘Sunday Street’ (Parasol Culture)

Wick Voyagers Compilation Album Vol.1 is out now via Parasol Culture. 

Grab it here.

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