First Listen – Eliphino – ‘Eddy’ (Hypercolour)

Eliphino returns to Hypercolour for his first EP with the label since 2013 

British producer Eliphino has never been one with a relentless release schedule, yet this aspect has never formed a hindrance or disconnect with love for his music. His tunes are always anticipated, almost needed, for their distinctive Eliphino touch. Morphing through varying forms since his lift off over a decade ago, his essence still remains clear despite an extended break from releasing between 2016-2019. If anything it appears even stronger, a new beast has emerged.

Re-opening the curtain back in May last year with his ‘Realistic Sex’ EP on Meda Fury and later a mini-LP with Secretsundaze, 2020 has seen a new lease of life with further output via Bobby’s Needs project and Breaks ‘N’ Pieces. Now with the ever-presented Hypercolour, he preps his first EP with the label in seven years, entitled ‘Maelstrom’.

As a body of work, ‘Maelstrom’ EP is varied. A word that nicely summarises recent Eliphino works, each one has offered up multi-layered takes on genres, refusing to follow any specific or linear path. A clear indicator of his twelve-plus years making music. Keeping things lean in quality, new Eliphino feels more effective and ready than ever. Track ‘Eddy’ is a shuffling, insidious cut. Threading moody synths and bubbly elements through gentle breaks, a robot generated sample ‘delete’ ring roads around the arrangement, bringing an ordinarily ‘out-of-our-head’ experience back home. Check it out below.

Hyponik · First Listen: Eliphino – ‘Eddy’ (Hypercolour)

Eliphino’s ‘Maelstrom’ EP is out 23rd October via Hypercolour.

Grab it here

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