First Listen: Eliaz – ‘More Acid Please’ (Subterranean Odyssey)

Emerging Leeds-based label, Subterranean Odyssey invite Slovenian producer, Eliaz for their inaugural release. 

There’s something happening in Slovenia that very few of us know about. Between Croatia, Austria and Italy, Slovenia is largely cut out of the ‘European’ narrative, despite it’s location only hours away from Italy’s Venice or Munich, Germany. Centered in Ljubljana, an entire music scene exists in Slovenia, an ecosystem of talented producers are largely circulating their output via Bandcamp, local events and festivals.

From Idrija, a small town in the west, producer, promoter and curator Eliaz is one of the scenes’ leading figures. Landing on UK label Cartulis Music last year, Eliaz has since built strong footholds with further releases via EYA Records, Paris-based Rakya and two EP’s on Italian label, YAY. Gigs at some of Europe’s most revered clubs have followed, including performances at London’s FOLD and even Berlin’s Hoppetosse. Yet, all of this commotion came from such humble beginnings; friendship.

Connecting with the guys behind newly founded label, Subterranean Odyssey back in 2018, the meticulously crafted productions of Eliaz fell on fortunate and helpful ears. Subterranean Odyssey didn’t exist back then, but after launching earlier this year they now prep their first limited edition run, SO001. It made perfect sense that this first release would come from Eliaz and so it does in the form of ‘Instals’ EP.

A package of three moody, heads down movers, the A-side ‘More Acid Please’ holds a special place in the hearts of both Eliaz and the label owners alike. Bars of orbiting chords and gurgling flourishes give way to an arrangement of taut kicks and sharp snares, the foundation of this tracks transmissible groove. Underpinned by a low-slung melody, the main method to this tune’s hand-wafting madness lies in the dense, acid licked mid-section. A true treat for many reasons, you can check out the track in full below.

Hyponik · First Listen: Eliaz – More Acid Please (Subterranean Odyssey)

Eliaz ‘Instals’ EP is coming soon via Subterranean Odyssey. 

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