First Listen: Dwarde & Tim Reaper – ‘Body Mind’ (Lobster Theremin)

Lobster Theremin is name that, to a lot of people, needs no introduction. Palms Trax was the first artist on their roster back in 2013 with the cult classic “Equation EP” and, ever since, the LT snowball has continued to gather momentum.

Some would hold Lobster Theremin, amongst others, responsible for the popularity of lo-fi house in the mid 2010’s – they’re output being home to some of Ross from Friends’ earliest flirtations with the genre. With a rich legacy in the making, the recent change of direction for the label sees them angling the harder strains of dance music, taking things on a nostalgic path. Whilst still keeping their dreamier aesthetic in tact, LT’s nod to jungle, breaks and rave has been increasingly noticeable over the last couple of years, and it’s with this in mind that we’re met with their latest gift.

LT-GLOBE-XXX is a label collaboration with Globex Corp, the jungle and hardcore project reliving the sounds of early 90’s rave. Fronted by Dwarde and Tim Reaper, Globex is primarily an output for their own creations with the assistance of collaborators and friends alike, and with this latest collab comes hazy, emotive breaks with a nasty edge. Slacker, Bakground and Marko Lazovic also feature on the V/A comp, but its Dwarde and Reaper that have supplied the goods for us today.

Listen to ‘Body Mind’ below – its building energy makes for an ethereal breaky banger perfect for the end of the night where weary heads need one last hurrah.

LT-GLOBE-XX releases 18th October 2019 via Lobster Theremin.

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