First Listen: Despina – ‘Entropics’ (Kindergarten)

140bpm++ madness on New York’s Kindergarten Records. 

Kindergarten is a Brooklyn-based record label, rave and radio show. Despite being only a few releases deep on their label journey, they have begun to carved a name in the clubbing scene for rough and rugged tracks. The collective’s upcoming release, KINDER004, hits hard with four dark and moody club tracks featuring the likes of Drummy, Despina, Train to Eltanin and Ma Sha Ru, label’s head. 

Since launching at the turn of the year, KINDER004 further cements the label’s growing reputation. Each contributor conjures their own special hell in their featured tracks, making for a divergent and compelling collection. Today we present second track ‘Entropics’ from Despina. The pseudonym of New Jersey raised, New York-based producer, composer, and DJ Mica Matchen, Despina is welcomed once again by the label after having featured on their last EP ‘Polychromia’.

Despina injects jagged percussion and gibbering bassline on ‘Entropics. Delving into a distinct sense of disarray, Despina seeks to send any system into a raging form of chaos. The result sees two break-neck plunges into the abyss and a cataclysmic flurry of knotty beats and bottomless subs. Mystifying beats with electrifying force. Check this captivating and moody track in full below.

Hyponik · First Listen> Despina – ‘Entropics’ (Kindergarten)

KINDER004 is out October 2nd

Grab it here.

Artwork:  je_fous_le_camp

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