First Listen: Dervisis – ‘Yelde’ (BFTT’s Gliding Slug Remix)

Whities affiliate BFTT lends a twitchy hand to Dervisis. 

Rising Greek producer, Dervisis, comes out with his second 12”, Laundry Room / Yelde, this time on Trial&Error Records. There’s a more upbeat blend of leftfield club and bedroom pop compared to his previous release. Greece, being situated near the centre of the Mediterranean, is in range of quite a few diverse cultures; the same can be said of this EP, with sounds coming in from the Balkans and the Middle East.

Featuring on a collab album and EP, as well as one record directly under his name, BFTT has made waves as part of the Whities crew. Showcasing his skills, his ‘Gliding Slug’ edit of ‘Yelde’ turns the tune into a series of high-pitched synths, broken beats and ethereal vocals. Have a listen below.

Laundry Room / Yelde is out May 10th on Trial & Error Records. 

Buy it here.

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