First Listen: Clouds – ‘Dark Leviathan Krew’ (Electric Deluxe)

Glasgow techno duo Clouds look to their hometown for inspiration for their new album on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe Imprint.

Heavy The Eclipse comes inspired by a story of Glasgow, 400 years into the future, that “after numerous waves of social collapse” has run to waste in lawless ruin after a German-occupied collapse nows run by gangs.

Recorded over a two-week period in November 2016, Clouds’ second full length via the Rotterdam label sees the pair match their abrasive style of techno with “ravaged and warped breakbeats haunted by wailing euphoric noise” and “graphic reflections of fractured post-industrial hardcore”.

Today we spotlight album cut ‘Dark Leviathan Krew’, which pieces together the shrapnel of the city’s ruptured remains and forms something more volatile, realised through a deadly assortment of rattling breaks, gloomy subs and sharp sonics. You can hear the track in full below, and read an excerpt sent over by Clouds about the ‘Dark Leviathan Krew’ below.

“Any momentum towards recovery was wiped out when Klaw appeared. There are no records of when the drug arrived in Neurealm, but we know where it took hold; in the dismal communities on the Southern Banks of the now-dry riverbed that cut the city from West to East.

A vicious narcotic that abused its users without mercy or restraint, Klaw gripped hundreds of thousands of the destitute masses that made the enormous squat between Pollockshail and Pollocksgaith their home, very soon, stricken dependents turned to crime to feed their habits, running raids across the city from their labyrinthine base. The warren would come to be known as Heaven’s Tilt; and the waves of junkie scum the first major gang of the Neurealm, The Dark Leviathan Krew…”

Heavy The Eclipse has also launched with a website that tells the whole story with maps and illustrations. 

You can pre-order the LP here.

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