First Listen: Born In Flamez – ‘Symphony Of Tinder Hacks’ (Infinite Machine)

Born In Flamez returns to Infinite Machine for a 7-piece release that pushes a commentary of socio-political phenomena and questions ‘the restrictions and tactics of queer love in the current political climate’.

This will be the artists’ second solo EP on the imprint, having also featured on Pixelord’s Blockchain release late last year and appeared twice on Boiler Room.

‘Symphony Of Tinder Hacks’ is a contrasting and altering piece, transforming from its original state completely throughout and then returns to its calmer self in the end. A cacophony of synths build anticipation and drop away with pure precision to create a track that rewards closer listening.

Impossible Love is out June 8th via Infinite Machine.

Catch Born In Flamzes performing “Impossible Love ” live on the following dates:

07.04.2018 MX – Toluca, Ceremonia Festival
27.04.2018 MX – Mexico City, Ensamble
29.04.2018 MX – Mexico City, Traicion
09.05.2018 DE – Hamburg, Golden Pudel
18.05.2018 CZ – Prague, Music Ports
26.05.2018 AT – Vienna Hyperreality Festival
21.06.2018 DE – Berlin, Schwuz
22.06.2018 BE – Brussels, Berschouwburg
29.06.2018 DE – Berlin, About Blank
18.08.2018 NL – Biddinghuizen, Lowlands Festival.

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