First Listen: Baransu – IS (Pessimist Remix)

Jungle-tekno horror from Milan via Bristol. 

Baransu is the artistic collaboration between musician and sound designer Matteo Gualeni and visual artist and graphic designer Michael Barteloni. The focus of the Italian duo’s project is to create a dimension that transforms sound into light and vice-versa, with the centre of the research lying in the interconnection between the world of visual arts and that one of sound design.

Their latest project comes via promising Milan imprint Beat Machine Records, whose underground experiments have previously featured the likes of Addison Groove, Lamont, Ticklish, DJ Madd and more.

The singular release, entitled IS, explores the gap between live drumming, techno and post-industrial music. Backed with killer edits from IDM local Katatonic Silentio and Hyp favourite Pessimist, it’s (unbiasedly) the Bristol’s kid’s effort we find ourselves leaning to, as Pessimist’s twisted breaks and high-impact acid missiles take Baransu’s club tension into far murkier terrain.

IS is out now. Buy it here

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