First Listen: Bailey Ibbs – ‘LESCON’ (ME1)

Rude electro from Derby via East London.

Medway isn’t exactly the first place that springs to mind when thinking of adventurous underground dance music.

For the most part, the Kent borough’s cultural and musical landscape is dominated by mainstream, poppy nightclubs and JD Wetherspoons. This makes the task of creating something sustainable against the tide of local society harder than ever. There are, however, a few outfits looking to take on the challenge – cue ME1 records. Based out of Rochester (hence the postcode name sake) ME1’s ethos is simple “quality music, with a unique edge, regardless of genre”, and with their latest V/A comes exactly that.

Label heads Levi Kent and Aleks Richards have called upon good friends and promising producers alike for ME1 & Friends Vol. 1, and speaking on the release Kent states “We don’t really believe in boundaries, so we didn’t give the artists a focus, we just wanted the raw essence of their creativity in the form of a wav. file”. The end product is a V/A brimming with individual personalities and collective clout. Broken techno, anxious 2 step and raucous jungle all rear their heads in this distinctly UK-centric affair, and we’ve got in on the action.

The second track on ME1 & Friends Vol. 1 comes from Derby-born, London-based producer and Night Service affiliate Bailey Ibbs. Ibbs is widely known for UK focused bass heavy selections when behind the booth, but here we see him delve down into an electro-tinged rabbit hole. ‘LESCON’ sees scuttling drum work met by a somewhat rude bassline and ghostly pads operating behind the scenes. Paired with an tense breakdown and mutating undertones, Ibbs is at the helm, navigating this journey into the deep.

ME1 Records release ME1 & Friends Vol. 1 on 19th September 2019, pre-order it here.

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