First Listen: BAAST – ‘Animal Crossing’

Hailing from Sheffield and the South-West of the UK, BAAST are the duo of Beth Griffin (Grove) and Zoran Petkovic (Diessa).

After meeting each other a couple of years back and quickly discovering a mutual love for darkside pop and sound experimentalism, they flocked to Studio 340, a creative community arts venue in Cheltenham that allowed them to sharpen their swords and hone in on a style that crosses the worlds of dancehall, dub, techno, breaks and club in true anarchic spirit.

Their new record, nature knows no kings, draws for these styles across six toxic episodes that see Grove and Diessa fire shots at landlords and call out the Bloodsuckas of the dance. Effortlessly sliding between different tempos and grooves, BAAST’s fiery club pressure lingers throughout the course, landing at red-line jungle mutator ‘Animal Crossing’, which you can unleash in full below.

nature knows no kings is out October 19th.

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