First Listen: avroARROW – ‘Studies in Form’ (NOREMIXES)

Canadian producer avroARROW lands on Starkey’s NOREMIXES imprint with ‘Studies In Form’.

As well as blending the lines between Grime and Dubstep with his own music, Philly ‘street bass’ producer Starkey (aka Paul J. Geissinger) also runs a bunch of labels, including Slit Jockey and Seclusiasis.

His newest label is NOREMIXES, founded in 2014 to release ‘music that fits between the genres.’

‘Studies In Form’ is avroARROW’s first EP for NOREMIXES, following a string of self-releases via Bandcamp. The six-track project flows like one whole piece, showcasing avroARROW’s ambient side and his incredible ear for textures, from the rumbling static of ‘Form 3’ to the glassy tones of ‘Form 6’. There’s plenty of gentle synth/piano motifs, though often underpinned by deep sub-bass.

We’ve been given the brilliant EP to premiere in full, so get stuck in below:

‘Studies In Form’ is out digitally on 20 Nov, you can order it here.

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