First Listen: Astrid Gnosis – ‘Severe Delays’ (music/is/for/losers)

If this is the end of days, we’re alright with it.

The work of London-based sound and visual artist, Astrid Gnosis, is as challenging as it is rewarding. Known for exploring themes of collapse both social and emotional, on her new concept EP Agnosis she makes these ideas more tangible and explicit than ever before.

On ‘Severe Delays’, Gnosis’ voice contains subtle echoes of Beth Gibbons, in its haunting, ethereal quality. But this is no homage. The beats and echoing trumpets sound like an industrial war zone, unflinching and harsh. Yet Gnosis expertly weaves beauty into the otherwise frightening soundscape, giving the track an emotional punch. Here’s what Gnosis had to say about the track:

““Would you drink my light to keep me by your side? Numb me you don’t know me.

I find our world completely numbed in a consumerist cloud of eternal entertainment. ‘Severe Delays’ is an improvised reflection on different sides of the current state of things in the world. I speak about being in the know of hellish forces and wanting to face them. I think people are tired. In the generations of post history there is a craving to re-envision values and morals, since the last 50 years have seen a massive development in social and cultural matters, there’s a cognitive dissonance across society and it needs to be addressed.”

Agnosis is out February 24, pre-order here.

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