First Listen: Alva Noto – ‘Uni Sub’ (Noton)

Prolific composer, sound designer, remixer and multimedia artist Alva Noto makes music that reduces sound to its fundamentals, carving out its essential elements and recombining them into tapestries of raw, digitized noise. His music is often accompanied by striking visuals, or incorporated into fascinating artworks and installations. A frequent collaborator, he’s worked with Ryoji Ikeda, Scanner, Mika Vainio, Ryuichi Sakamoto and even Iggy Pop.

His latest record, ‘UNIEQAV’, is the third of a trilogy that’s an outlet for his more rhythmic, dancefloor-focused productions. It’s said to possess an “inherent artistic, conceptual and scientific depth”, and is influenced by a raft of inspirations that underlie much of his previous work: mathematics, data, unit systems, grids, rhythms, codes, text, DNA, and technology all form part of its conceptual framework.

It follows on from ‘Glass’ a recent collaborative album with Ryuichi Sakamoto released last month, and “Live 2002”, a recently unearthed collaborative live recording.

We’re excited to premiere a track from ‘UNIEQAV‘. ‘Uni Sub’ finds Alva Noto applying his typically austere touch to static-laced rhythms and obscure sonic processes. Listen below.

‘UNIEQAV’ is out March 16 on Noton.

Pre-order here.

Featured Image: Deter Wuschanski

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