First Listen: Al Wootton – ‘Omega’ (Trule)

Al Wootton, AKA Deadboy, adds to his list of aliases, as well as his portfolio of eclectic music with a new EP. Selah is his first release under his own name. Since his debut EP in 2009, he has released a prolific amount of music that has always been hard to pin down.

Despite his move to Montreal in May 2016, Selah sees him utilise a distinctly UK sound. Yet it is an immigration of dub, Uk garage and techno that find a home within the EP’s 17 minute runtime. The album shifts from a steppers rhythm in the first track to percussive techno in the last two. A dub overtone hangs over the EP with jungle vocals threading through ‘Selah’ and ‘Omega’. ‘Untitled’ has a more weighty, driven club sound.

You can enjoy the ambient swing injected into ‘Omega’ below.

Selah is out February 8th on Trule. 

Buy it here.

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