First Listen: A Psychic Yes – ‘Lost In The Act (Hodge Remix)’ (Schloss Records)

The fourth outing on Schloss features a gentle Jurassic twist from Hodge.

Ran by Karima F and visual artist Ida Ekblad, Oslo-based Schloss Records is not only a record label but also an art gallery. Together the pair have brought a selection of truly exciting EP’s into the world from Karima herself along with unknown artist Max Fowler and NYC’s Hunter Lombard. With each release sporting grandiose aesthetics from Ida, as a platform Schloss continues to catch both eyes and ears in equal measure.

Their next offering comes from Mr. Timothy Crombie, most commonly known as A Psychic Yes. With a succession of strong EP’s, most notably via Seattle’s Tech Startup and then with Kalahari Oyster Cult, his productions have become intrinsically linked with spell-binding melodies and quirky polyrhythmic patterns. Entitled ‘ That Swamp Feeling’, the EP is another perfect addition to both the artist and labels discographies, dipping into electro, house and bass sensibilities with Timothy’s characteristic flair.

Remixing track ‘Lost In The Act’ we see Bristol’s Hodge placing a dreamy harmonic twist. Whilst the original brims with raw drum patterns and steel pan melody, Hodge brightens up the arrangement filling space with airy synth tones and his well-known preference for Jurassic wildlife samples. Gently rounding out the EP, Hodge’s rework presents a musical go-to for clearing ones head, an easy access breath of fresh air without even stepping outside.

Hyponik · First Listen: A Psychic Yes – ‘Lost In The Act (Hodge Remix’ (Schloss Records)

A Psychic Yes ‘That Swamp Feeling’ EP is out 6th November via Schloss Records. 

Grab it here.  

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