First Listen: 96 Back – ‘Knock Out (Jensen Intercepter Remix)’ (CPU)

96 Back, real name Evan Majumdar-Swift, is the young producer grabbing electro by the scruff of it’s neck and making it his own. A trademark squelchy and manipulative style has formed a unique and instantly recognisable voice in an ever growing, and somewhat over-saturated market.

Excitable, Girl, Majumdar-Swift’s debut album, was a Hyponik favourite; an original take on the wigged out sonics that electro finds itself so regularly characterised by. Sheffield based label CPU have taken on the 96 Back project, providing a stable home for Majumdar-Swift’s experimentations, ensuring the creative output is never diluted and 100% organic.

CPU and 96 Back return with a fresh EP, Issue In Surreal, full of all the frills expected from two advocates of the scene. It features 4 original tracks, each backed by its own remix from a impressive lineup of talent, flipping the originals with their individual styles. Leeds born Happa & Jabes, London’s Sync 24 and Reykjavík native Volruptus have all been called up for remix duties, as well Sydney’s Jensen Interceptor, who’s remix we grace you with today.

Interceptor’s take on ‘Knock Out’ serves up a one-two punch of 4/4 power against the meticulously engineered acid wiggle of the original mix. It’s erratic, it’s peak time and it’s powerful, what more would you expect from a 96 Back/Jensen Interceptor double-team?

Issue In Surreal releases November 1st 2019 via CPU. 

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