First Listen: 95Bones – ‘Silver Surfer’ (Sample Delivery Records)

London-based producer/DJ Connor McElhinney, best known under the alias 95Bones, has been skilfully rearranging the skeletons of dance music’s various historical permutations into his own personal anatomical collection since the release of the debut EP ‘Blast Chiller’ in 2017. Driven by an equally balanced passion for UK hardcore bedlam, jackin’ Chicago house and relentless European techno, 95Bones takes a playful and exploratory approach to production, transcending the limits of genre in pursuit of a vibrant and powerful sound that prizes irrepressible momentum and pure sonic weight above all.

Since his debut release, 95Bones has released with Plus Ultra and Eyeangle Records and issued two intoxicating EPs through notable imprint Scuffed Recordings, before linking up with Sample Delivery Records for his latest musical ossification, ‘Lafeyette Pt. 2’. The EP is an unruly four-track joyride, seeing the producer take a joyously indecorous journey through caustic acid house, uproarious breaks, bone-rattling bass and high-octane techno without once pausing for breath.

Our premiere ‘Silver Surfer’ leans closer to a solid 4/4 framework than the record’s other curiosities, as 95Bones manipulates a pitched-up vocal sample into an alien sonic texture and expertly crafts a rhythmic structure of tension and release, punctuated by an exquisitely resonant acid bassline and blasts of subterranean low-end noise that sound as if they’re coming straight from the depths of Mount Doom.

Lafayette Pt. 2 is scheduled for release via Sample Delivery Records on 7th February. 

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