Exclusive Stream: Bad Tracking – ‘May Day’ (October Dub)

Following their last release on Mechanical Reproductions, Bristol duo Bad Tracking have aptly allied their rambunctious sound with label, Fuckpunk, a label that wants nothing to do with your expectations, strictly saving its attention for festering castaway sounds.

Catching the scent of this record was DJ October, who’s Sacred Pools show on NTS includes a melange of punk, techno and thrash metal. The record bleeds flavours of his show, and on the B-side he reknits the threads of Bad Tracking’s strangle cord symphony.

Swathes of soaring distortion are the runway from which a light hearted arpeggio takes off and stirs ‘May Day’ into a giddy number fit for some grainy (and slightly haunting) video footage of a Euro rave.

Brooding gristle rumbles beside humid utterances before DJ October wrenches the guts from Bad Tracking’s frenzied original. Merely a gasp and its glistening innards are relinquished to the haze of waning guitar squalls.

A handful are left to buy over at Rewind Forward now alongside a Limited Cassette Edition.

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