First Listen: Pry – ‘Nil Movement’ (Union)

UNION is the newly structured label out of the Midlands. Curated by the promising Pry and Royal Sun, the imprint focuses on sonic manipulation within the deeply electronic spectrum of the ever growing electronic genre.

Stepping up for the the first release is co-owner Pry, with UN-001. The EP resonates abstract elements with softly metallic and industrial timbres, to form a glitchy tale of the left field techno scene. With inspiration from the monotonous and mechanical, the EP depicts the deeper verge of the label’s mentality.

The track ‘Nil Movement’ emphasises this basis of logic. With expanding pulsations and warm haze, the track ventures into a detuned four to the floor mover. Pry forms a warped soundscape to begin with, which slowly develops with off beat clicks gliding into place, creating an enigmatic electronic representation of what’s to come from the fresh and intriguing label.

UN-001 is out December 8 on Union. More info and pre order here

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