First Listen: Photonz – ‘Statue Room’ (Paraíso)

Lisbon’s Paraíso Records’ Genesis series pays homage to the brilliant continuum of dance music that the country has seen in the past three decades by bringing together some of the most active electronic producers of Portugal.

Spread across four projects, Paraíso has released two of those within the last year, with individual efforts from a host of local talent that has included Internal N.Y. Rhythms, Violet, Silvestre and Roundhouse Kick.

Now set to release Genesis Vol. III the latest addition keeps with the programme, requesting Photonz, Unknown, Elite Athlete and 2JACK4U to deliver their particular brands of house and techno.

Photonz, the local veteran who runs the One Eyed Jacks imprint, explores the outer edges of house and techno within his music, garnering a reputation over the years that has seen him release on Andy Blake’s short-run Dissident Records, Creme Organization and Unknown To The Unknown.

Photonz’ track ‘Statue Room’ draws inspiration for its name from the statue room at Kremlin, one of the main clubs playing the vital music when it all started. A modern take on ’90s Portuguese tribal house, Photonz fuses discordant frequencies in the high end of spectrum alongside rattling percussion. Hear in full below.

Various Artists – Genesis Vol. III will be out on Paraíso Records. 

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