First Listen: Ourea – ‘From Chaos Came Erebus’ (Horo)

The latest project of Berlin-based label Horo comes from new artist collaboration – Ourea. The pairing of British musician Samuel Wood and Japanese native Lemna, together their music under the moniker operates polyrhythmic experimental techno with tribal rhythms and sharp modulations, generating hostile atmospherics by tweaking machines to their most isolated extremes.

Sam KDC, a longtime member of the Horo family whose drum & bass productions have more recently gravitated towards darker strands of techno and ambient episodes, encouraged then drum & bass MC Lemna to delve further into her own creations. With a similar approach of experimenting qualities from the 170 region into slower, more spacial spheres , both Sam KDC and Lemna champion a sound dubbed as ‘Grey Area’, alongside artists such as Auxiliary’s ASC and Presha.

Ahead of their debut EP Ourea I we’re excited to premiere track ‘From Chaos Came Erebus’, where marching kicks and rattled percussion charge forward, unravelling into paranoid turmoil as twisted noise begins to spiral. Killer!

Ourea I is out August 25 on Horo. Pre-order it here

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