Exclusive Download: Goon Club Allstars – ‘The Goonplate’

Download The Goon Club Allstars colourful grime instrumental ‘The Goonplate’.

The Goon Club label is about to release a split 12″ of Wiley refixes, courtesy of Moleskin and Samename. Both artists are part of a (in Beneath, Wen and Visionist‘s words) ‘New Wave’ of grime producers working this heavily synthesised, 130BPM sound. Check Moleskin’s ‘Ice Rink’ edit here, and Samename’s refix of ‘Colder’ here.

The label’s producers, Goon Club Allstars now offer ‘The Goonplate’ up for free download. In keeping with the label’s ethos so far, it’s a tough interpreation of the eski sound, packed with creative mid-range, 8-bit incidentals, hyper samples and low-end thump.

Grab ‘The Goonplate’ below:

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