Elena Colombi: 10 tracks for the field

Born in Italy, the genre-defying DJ that is Elena Colombi relocated to London in 2008, instantly making an impact in the underground scene by throwing her ‘Abattoir’ parties across the city.

Now a regular host on NTS, Elena’s show is billed as “keeping Mondays weird”, with diverse sets that range from industrial rhythms to ambient atmospheres and shed light on obscure and undiscovered artists across the globe.

Her unique ability to place the weird and wonderful within the context of dance music has kept her in high demand, performing in cities like Japan, Amsterdam, Berlin and Moscow, and the Tate Late series.

Set to return to the UK’s best kept secret Field Maneuvers, Elena cooks up a tasty playlist of ten tracks for the party, picking out heat from Automat, Shinoby, Agaric and more…

1. Automat – Danse3 [Brokntoys]

A great opener. The other tracks on this release are equally as good but no Youtube videos, go check them out on the label’s Bandcamp page.

2. I-F – Sloth [Viewlexx]

The sound that got me into DJing in the first place. I love this, such a trippy track. Oh, look! Hundreds of tiny black worms are coming out of your pores!

3. Andria – Unfinished Country [YES]

Another recent favourite, coming out real soon on the promising Serbian “YES” label. 

4. Stallone The Reducer – Typical Weekly Funk – [ FIT SOUND ]

I am really into STR stuff, I have all his releases, but I think this track ticks more boxes than others. I liked this so much I bought it twice!

5. Locked Club – Sluchilos [Tram Planet Records]

Alex Michalski (Grey People) gave me a copy of this after I played a warehouse party in Atlanta. Before then I was only familiar with one release by Locked Club on the Russian Private Persons label, now I can’t imagine a set without a track from this EP!

6. Shinoby ‎- R.I.S.E. [ISTHEWAY]

Omar “Shinoboy” Contri is an under the radar Italian producer with an impressive collection of releases under his belt. This one is from his latest album that came out a couple of months back on his own label “ISTHEWAY”.

7. Credit 00 – Hammers Jack Voices Wail [Rat Life]

Amazing EP by label boss Alex Dorn. Love this release, I have been playing it out a lot. Go get yourself a copy before it sells out.

8. Agaric ‎- Tiled Room (Reversed Mix) – [Dance Opera]

Let’s get Rave-y, shall we? Ahh, I fucking love this track! I have a soft spot for ’90s Belgian music. Reminds me of the after parties I used to go to in Italy.

9. Monolith – Tribal Globe [Daft Records]

More Belgium for you. I don’t quite remember how I came across this CD… It must have been one of those nights where I enter a black hole of links and way too many open tabs… but I am glad I found it!

10. Le Mystere – Opus 303 – [ Buzz ]

Another alias of Agaric, coupled with someone else I don’t remember the name of. I think it might be the same two people who also produced as Trance Trax, Zsa Zsa La Boum and Little Little actually. This would be great for the chilled tent at Field Maneuvers! “Morning after” vibes…

Catch Elena Colombi at Field Maneuvers 2018, 31 August – 3 Sep.

More info here.

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