Eduardo De La Calle: Many Sides

Spanish producer and DJ Eduardo De La Calle has been around for more than a minute. Producing since the turn of the millennium and working alongside influential names such as John Talabot, Boddika and Agoria, he’s made a name for himself as an accomplished artist whose musical vision extends to the outer limits of techno and beyond.

On top of releasing through influential labels such as Planet-E Communications, Hivern Discs, Mule Musiq, Semantica and NONPLUS, De La Calle founded vinyl-only label Analog Solutions in 2011, an independent outlet for his own music alongside selected releases from like-minded artists.

His latest release, via Carl Craig’s Planet-E, is named after the icosahedron, a geometric object with 20 faces – a nod to the multi-faceted style that he’s developed over his career. Fusing ideas from all corners of electronica with influence from jazz greats Miles Davis and John Coltrane, De La Calle creates a unique synthesis of styles that’s both imaginative and inspired.

We caught up with him to get an insight into some specific tracks that influenced the many-sided Icosahedrite EP; hear those, along with a snippet of the EP, below.

1. Miles Davis – Nature Boy

I highly recommend this one, going into the studio daily after listening to it makes my life a lot easier.

2. Chet Baker – Let’s Get Lost

Another sweet piece of music that makes me vibrate… Chet is always there.

3. Sun Ra – Lanquidity

Sound spaces with effects approaching the experimental… love it.

4. Alice Coltrane – Krishna Krishna

High level of consciousness… eternal diva.

5. Alice Coltrane – Om Shanti

Again her… unquestionably a woman with a great sensitivity that transmits me a lot of inspiration.

6. Incognito – Out Of The Storm (C’s Planet E Special Mix)

Essential, magnificently deep, gorgeous.

7. Dark Comedy – Make It

It looks like a complete band… just a lonely man on the studio, my man. 🙂

8. Norma Jean Bell – I’m The Baddest Bitch (In The Room) (Moodymann Mix)

Unique and forever unrepeatable.. KDJ behind the mixer desk.

9. Theo Parrish – Soul Control

Amazing, awesome, I can’t stop listening to it.

10. Jay Denham – Sweet Jesus

Jay… the one that sets the rules of the game.

The Icosahedrite EP is out Jan 26 on Planet E. Pre-order here.
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