10 essential Argentinean artists you need to know with DJs Pareja

Stalwarts of the Argentine scene since the turn of the millennium, Djs Pareja have been a duo and couple since meeting at an underground party back in 1993. Described as unapologetically queer trailblazers, they regularly run the open and inclusive party Fun Fun from their home town of Buenos Aires, always supporting South American DJ’s. They have crafted a sound for themselves that fuses the South American influences of their home, grooving peak time techno and a healthy dose of fun.

Since a 2009 release on Matias Aguayo’s Comeme, they have found global appeal, releasing music on Turbo Recordings, Huntleys and Palmers and History Clock among others and playing around the Americas and Europe. Their newest record, The After EP, dropped via Honey Soundsystem and sees the duo present four club ready, peak time Latin techno groovers. Who better then to take us through 10 essential tracks from Argentinian artists.

1. Ana Helder – Fiebre De Marte [Cómeme]

Ana is from Rosario and she has been a fellow Cómeme label mate from the very begging. Her productions are always sick and prejudice free, specially this hypnotic and misty track which we love so much!

2. Ibiza Pareo – Vos y Yo (Djs Pareja Remix) [Geiser Discos / Belters]

The original version is our favorite Ibiza Pareo track from their great album “Bailemos Juntas” and when they asked us to do a remix, we didn’t doubt a sec. We had never imagined it would be played by the likes of Dixon, Roman Flugel, Michael Mayer and Seth Troxler, no name a few. Out soon on vinyl on Belters Records.

3. Estupendo – Borneo [Sonoridades Amapola]

They are our favorite Argentinean electronic band ever so it’s hard for us to choose only one track. They’ve been a huge inspiration since we started making music. This is electronic pop perfection. We love it so much!

4. Tom Tom Clubber – Vapordance [Estamos Felices]

Dance music meets pop fineness on this magnificent track by dj and producer Tom Tom Clubber. It will make you vapor dance, vapor move and vapor groove. Stay tuned for his upcoming EP on Discos Pato Carlos

5. Betas – Ruleman (Unreleased)

Diego Betas is definitely one of our favorite new Argentinean producers of 2019. His music is fresh and modern. We always drop a few of his tracks during our dj sets, specially this one which is ace!

6. Depuratumba – Evans [Sismo]

Depuratumba is the musical project of Guido Flichman, who together with Betas run the interesting label Sismo. This track is as delicate and climatic as a killer on the dancefloor.

7. Leo Garcia – Clap Beat 2 [Fragil Discos]

Leo Garcia is a real pop star here in Argentina, but in 1999 he put out this minimal and experimental record on Argentinean essential label Fragil Discos using only the clap sound from the Roland 808 and 909. It’s pure artistic genius!

8. Carisma – Fruta [Cómeme]

Carisma are always pure energy and electricity. On this track they show their deepest and most psychedelic side which is always so mind blowing on the dancefloor. Check out their other releases on Cómeme!

9. Gustavo Lamas – Inocentes [Onitor]

Gustavo is also a great inspiration and a big friend of ours. He has so many good records and EP’s out on very important international labels such as Kompakt and Onitor. This is music to dance to in paradise with your eyes closed.

10. Carlos Cutaia / Daniel Melero – Sensación Melancólica [Emotional Rescue]

Cold and romantic at the same time, our favorite tracks from this fundamental Argentinean techno pop album recorded in 1983 but released in 1985. Well ahead of their local contemporaries. A totally ignored album at that time, you should all listen to it now.

The After EP is out now on Honey Soundsystem

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