DJ Richard: 11 tracks that informed the gritty EBM sound of Eraser

Step into the twisted world of post punk, black metal and hardcore keeping DJ Richard inspired.

American born DJ Richard first came up in the noise scene around Providence, Rhode Island, before branching out into electronic territories, connecting the dots between 80’s EBM, techno, italo, industrial and beyond. Having previously released standout work through Dial records and White Material, the label he co-founded alongside Young Male, his latest work, Eraser dropped back in October through Berlin label Flexxseal.

On the record, he blasts out four harsh and compressed modern EBM hitters, filled with chugging basslines, gritty, militant drums and huge dark ambient atmospheres. Below, he takes us on a trip deep into the dark and raw realm of post punk, black metal, hardcore and more that inspired him during the creation of Eraser.

1. Chrome – ‘Eyes on Mars’

I’ve been obsessed with Chrome since I was a teenager and heard “Half Machine Lip Moves” for the first time. This is probably my favorite track of theirs and a good jumping off point for the rest of the list. Dark, raw, paranoid, propulsive, catchy, and existing in some nebulous region between punk, industrial, krautrock, and wave.

2. Phew – ‘Signal’

This whole album is absolutely mind-blowing. Hard to single out one track, but this no-wave meets krautrock meets EBM number felt appropriate for this list.

3. 1919 – ‘After the Fall’

So many of my favorite bands (Amebix specifically) were heavily influenced by Killing Joke, and this is no exception. I think this track holds its own against the best of Killing Joke, and is interesting in how it merges sounds and styles from the early 80s UK anarcho-punk scene with a more studio-driven experimentation style of post-punk.

4. Sodom – all tracks from ADK Omnibus Vol. 1

This band had an extremely radical evolution through the 80s, starting as an incredible, ahead-of-their-time Hardcore Punk band, then morphing into very strange post-punk/wave territory, before pivoting again into making really over-the-top acid house. Although their middle period is pretty interesting, I just can’t get enough of their punk records, especially their tracks from the Omnibus and their LP ST.Requiem. So sick! I’m not even going to pretend to own this record; i think it goes for about $900…

5. De Press – ‘The Fatal Day’

Such a beautiful, lovingly produced track. I can’t remember where i came across this LP but this song really blew me away and I still can’t get over it.

6. Vonbrigði – ‘Ekkert’

Unbelievable dark post-punk track dripping with goth influences. Very cool early 80s band from Iceland. This is my favorite track from the LP Kakófónia.

7. 恐悪狂人団 – ‘3回まわってワンと鳴いてみろ’

Extremely bizarre but catchy Japanese Noise-Rock/Hardcore band fronted by the legendary Crazy SKB. Everything about this mixdown seems so wrong at first but its actually very dynamic and uniquely done.

8. Ildjarn-Nidhogg – ‘Mørklagt Sti’

Truly thrilling, debased, gnarly Black Metal. My favorite track from my favorite Ildjarn release, made together with Nidhogg. I love the cross-over between raw punk and metal, and for me there is not much that does it better than this record.

9. Rubella Ballet – ‘Plastic Life’

I actually only recently got into this band thanks to my boyfriend who is a big fan. Another great example of a Killing Joke influenced record that I like just as much as anything off of the KJ Self-Titled LP. Also I respect this band’s visual aesthetic; they definitely went their own way with that.

10. Bauhaus – ‘Double Dare’

This is my favorite Bauhaus song, and a track that really influenced me in terms of thinking about letting the rhythm section really pummel onward while the other elements float and dart into and around the mix.

11. John Maus – ‘Bennington’

I’m not sure if I have actually ever listened to another John Maus record, but I absolutely love this song to death. Just an incredibly simple yet mesmerizing pop record. I usually have to listen to this a few times in a row to fully scratch the itch.

Eraser is out now on Flexxseal

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