DJ JM: No Days Off

Formed in 2015, TSVI and Wallworks’ Nervous Horizon imprint has become a defining imprint in London’s underground network, with a heavyweight back catalogue of twisted club constructions and experimental slammers from the likes of Second Storey, DJ Missdevana, Luru and Lokane.

Now they welcome Mantas Povilaika, aka DJ JM, for a five-track episode of hard drum madness. The Label have been supporting his sound since first spinning his tracks on their debut London Boiler Room show in 2016, and following production collaborations with TSVI and two thunderous EPs on NKC’s hard drum label Ever The Strong, DJ JM now finds a natural home on Nervous Horizon.

No Days Off comes as much as inspired by local Lithuanian club sounds as it does of the rising London club movement he’s become a part of, with five fiery drum-led patterns that demonstrate the raw club power you can achieve when using ‘club’ space correctly.

In honour of the record, we catch up JM for a minute and ask him to share some of the sounds that have helped him master his craft, check below.

“Hi I’m JM, Lithuanian DJ, producer and architect living in Copenhagen. Most of my early influences came through various movie soundtracks – it’s easy to get inspired when you subconsciously connect a sound to a cinematic memory.”

1. And Yet… – ‘Signaldrift’

One of the first ambient tracks I found through a movie ‘Thee Goodnight’. It made a big impact for me creating different type of ambience in my own work.

2. No more – ‘Suicide Commando’, Adult. – ‘Human Wreck’, Vitalic – ‘La Rock’

When I was interested in the graffiti world, I was watching loads of graffiti documentaries which had great soundtracks picked by graffiti writers themselves. One of most exciting movies for me was ‘Dirty Handz 3’ which had these 3 above tracks inside. Remembering them in a crazy, action-packed documentary made them sound even more inspiring.

3. Rockie Fresh, Rick Ross & Lunice – ‘Panera Bread’

Later on, when I started introducing loads of different electronic music genres to my ears, I fell in love with trap. It inspired me a lot to make half-beat tunes, which is the other very different side of my productions, away from all the 4×4 tunes I make.

4. Nguzunguzu – ‘Break In’

Through trap, I somehow found Fade to Mind. The atmosphere and feeling they we’re putting out through their music felt so cold and exciting. It made me start thinking about DJing.

5. Moleskin & Neana – ‘Spectral Dancehall’

Moleskin and Neana’s productions were the highlights of my first DJ sets in the clubs of Vilnius, back when I first started out.

6. Marlon D & Mena Keys – ‘Abu Dhabi (Drumz)’

The progressive groove and sound of Marlon D made me start producing! And that’s how JM’s first ever tunes were born.

7. DJ Trajic – ‘Verga’, Minimal Man – ‘Treatment Feel’

These are a couple of tracks which will never get out of my head.

DJ JM’s No Days Off EP is out now on Nervous Horizon.

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