DJ Deeon: Ghetto House essentials

“It’s just fun music. It’s kind of like a getaway from the reality of life to music. Get freaky with a stranger music. Girls kissin’ girls music. Stress relief music” says Ghetto House pioneer DJ Deeon in an interview with 5Magazine in 2013 when describing the sound.

Born out of Chicago in the early ’90s, the XXX club genre was inspired by Miami bass and Chicago’s house scene, pulling each palette to its bare essentials and rebuilding a club-sweat formula made up of raw 808s, hyper BPMs, and an overflowing number of explicit vocal licks.

Often referred to as “The Godfather” of the scene, the gospel of DJ Deeon’s sleazy club cuts have spread from the local cassette tapes of Chicago to worldwide dancefloors, becoming a staple of the legendary Dance Mania imprint and collaborating with countless legends of the dance music bible along the way.

Catching up with him ahead of his appearance at Applesap Festival, DJ Deeon runs us through ten of his essential Ghetto House anthems.

1. Armando – Land Of Confusion (Confusion Mix)

One of the best tunes ever! Simple but complex. True Chicago funk, no words, just a groove for the body!

2. Mike Dunn – So Let It Be Houze!

One of my inspirations, Mike has many tunes. But the words mean so much to me. Funk, Chicago, funk!

3. Paul Johnson – Get Get Down (Original Extended Mix)

The best recycled groove of all time! My brother killed this shit! The epitome of house production, from the greatest to ever do it. Proud to have Mr Johnson as my friend! Another Chicago classic!

4. DJ Funk – Pump It (Funk Records)

My brother from another mother, we are the dumber and dumber of ghetto house music. Bro puts his heart in this classic. Perfect mash of vocal samples and funks bassline. Infectious groove for life! Undoubtedly the best ghetto house track ever! If you never heard it, get it!

5. Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Know Me (Original Mix) 

I’m so misunderstood sometimes, leave me the fuck alone, let me live my life , it’s mine. I understand this shit. Excellent choice of words over the grooviest sample ever! Can a brother just live his life??

6. Boris Dlugosch – Keep Pushin’ (Original Mix) 

Bangin’ bassline, soulful vocals, positive words when you’re feeling like there’s no way you can go forward. But keep pushin! Best motivational song ever!!!

7. Adonis – No Way Back

In the beginning there was this!! No turning back now!

8. K Alexi featuring DJ Deeon – Beat the Pussy Up

A very good groove from the legend Mr.Shelby, he continues to set the bar! We exchange similar vocals but with a slight bit of difference in opinions, coming really soon!

9. Gettoblaster ft. DJ Dagwood – Weed In My Life

Originally a tune by DJ topcat, put in a whole new light for the now! Crisp clear vocals by the legend dagwood. With a banger of a track produced by the gettoblaster mob… Reminds me of Adonis “no way back”.

10. Gettoblaster ft. Servante – Fingerbang

The cleanest, dirty record you could ever find. Beautiful bass-filled track with the smoothest lines to get your fingers wet. New favourite!

Catch DJ Deeon at Applesap Fresh Music Festival in Amsterdam on August 11. 

More info and tickets available here.

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